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Ammonia Price  May '14 R6,378/t. | April '14: R6,030/t. |  March '14: R6,067/t.

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AEL set to participate in ExpoMin 2014

AEL will be participating in ExpoMin 2014, a premier event in the mining sector scheduled for 21-25 April in Santiago, Chile.

AEL will be participating in ExpoMin 2014, a premier event in the mining sector scheduled for 21-25 April in Santiago, Chile.

The 13th annual ExpoMin, expects to surpass previous years’ attendance records, by bringing together over 80 thousand visitors into a space that reaches almost 125,000 m², with more than 1,600 exhibitors.

Business projections for the 2014 event reach more than US $ 1,700 million, which add up to about $ 10,000 million in transactions generated over previous editions, a fundamental contribution to the Chilean economy that has consolidated this international fair organized by FISA as one of the most important centres of business and discussion of global mining.


AEL is playing a part in creating mathematically, scientifically, and technologically literate and functional learners who will achieve success in a wider variety of business arenas – including that of AEL.

In this vein, AEL has continued to partner with the Maths Centre, a Non-Profit educational organisation and is working with eight schools in Tembisa allowing them to gain access to maths and science. The partnership ties in with AEL’s social responsibility of encouraging maths and science literacy in the communities in which the business operates so as to develop the next generation of engineers in South Africa.

The Maths Centre aims to equip young learners with the necessary skills and knowledge required to gain university entrance and also to encourage them to pursue a professional career in the science field. In addition to the supplied learning equipment, the Maths Centre provides workshops for educators in order to enhance their teaching methods and problem - solving skills.

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Highlighting the role of the Chief Inspector of Explosives

Comparison of the current and new Explosives Act

The Explosives Act No.15 of 2003 was signed in 2009 by our former President however it has not yet come into effect. For this reason, the Explosives Act 26 of 1956 (“Current Explosives Act”) remains in force and the provisions of the Explosives Act 15 of 2003 (“New Explosives Act”) is viewed to come into force in the near future. In this article, we have reviewed the search and seizure powers granted to the Chief Inspector of Police (“CIE”) of the SAPS in terms of the above mentioned Acts. 

What is a dawn raid or an on-site investigation? 

A “dawn raid” is an unannounced visit by a regulatory authority (e.g. the CIE) to a company’s premises to inspect documents and interview staff where there is a suspected infringement of the law which they regulate.

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